4 Simple Steps to Create your Free Public Roku Channel 

Did you know that you can easily allow your viewers to enjoy your live & on-demand roku-premiere.pngStreamSpot content on their HDTVs? Introducing Roku, a revolutionary device that acts like a cable-box for the Internet.  The best part is that a Custom Public Roku Channel is included at no additional charge for StreamSpot customers!  Here's what you need to provide to get started:

1. Artwork (Graphics)

Make your channel your own by including the required artwork below:


  • Splash Screen (1920 x 1080 JPEG or PNG file)
  • Channel Logo (400 x 90 JPEG or PNG file)
  • Channel Store Poster (540 x 405 JPEG or PNG file)
  • Small Logo for Roku Search (165 x 60 JPEG or PNG file)
  • To view detailed specifications, check out our comprehensive knowlegebase article.

2. Color Scheme

Match your channel to your unique branding by providing colors (or hexadecimal values) for the following:

3. Channel Description

Provide information to market your channel to millions of Roku owners, required information includes:

4. Submit the Custom Roku Channel Form to StreamSpot

Please complete the form using the link below:

Submit Your Channel To StreamSpot

Once StreamSpot engineers receive the form with the items outlined above, we'll create, submit and publish your Custom Public Roku Channel.  For a complete, detailed list of requirements, please check out our comprehensive knowlegebase article.